Self marketing on Insta

For a long time, I had a hard time understanding why people are so addicted to posting on Instagram. To me, it seemed like supreme self-indulgence to only showcase the best parts of your life to your audience. But only recently, after experimenting with the story feature on the fringes have I slowly begun to think of Instagram in a different manner. Instagram is like your marketing agent. You might be marketing to friends, potential mates, business colleagues or even business clients. It serves as a digital lifestyle breadcrumb. A snapshot view of what you have been the highlights (or what you perceive to be the highlights) of your life up till today. I understand the power behind it as it can be considered to be a review system where before I buy into you before we have ever met in person, or have a conversation, I get to learn more about your life.

The genius behind it is that you have full control of what you put out and in effect control others’ perception of you. There is a surely some perversion in sharing only the best parts of your life with the world. But then again Instagram is supposed to only show the highlights of your life.

I have started taking Instagram more seriously as that is where the world’s attention is currently focused. I have had a chance to have innumerable adventurous experiences in the past seven months, and continue to do so. There is a lot of value to share, so a post every three or four days will help build a catalog of my experiences and my life for friends and strangers to glimpse.

As to the theme of the posts, I think that comes once I get the hang of posting often. I’m not there to fish for likes or change what I intend to post. In fact, if there is a way to remove like notifications from the app, I will do so as it helps to stay true to the main goal here. Everyone is a media company so the goal is to dominate that space ahead of everyone, even if I do not agree with the spirit with which others use the platform.

April 24, 2019