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23 May 2014
Summer '14 - Prelude


Summer is just around the corner and it can’t be here quicker. One for the reason that finals season inhibits progress on any side-projects, and another because I am keenly looking forward to interning at Alcatel Lucent this summer. This internship is an opportunity to work in a different industry (I previously interned at Broadcom) and also explore a new city. An opportunity to experience four months of sultry summer weather in Ottawa, Canada’s capital city.

I have endeavoured not to plan too much for this summer as past is proof that most plans don’t materialize. So contrary to what I have consistently done over past summers, I will plan to let this be a freewheeling summer. Looking forward to the experience of living alone for the first time and exploring a new city that has tons to offer. If anything the only thing I want to promise myself, is to put myself out there and meet new people both at work and off-work. As I am staying on campus at the University of Ottawa it will be a good opportunity to meet folks my age and experience the east coast way of living. I am also keenly looking forward to attending developer meetups to meet like minded people in the active Ottawa tech sector.

Clearly four months is too short time as an intern to make substantial lasting impact at a company as large as Alcatel. This is liberating in the way that I can treat this opportunity similar to a date with a startup to gauge if I fit the company culture. Either way I expect to gain a clearer perspective of the larger forces controlling and distributing internet and all its possibilities.

Hoping to forge healthy professional and personal relationships in the next four months. Time to bring on solo living, bring on Ottawa.

Til next time,

me blog lab bookshelf cv