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27 Apr 2014
Hello World!


So I have finally decide to bite the bullet and start my own blog. This is by all accounts an experiment which I expect to either be a soaring addictive success or fall flat on its face if not anything in between. I do not consider myself to be a good writer, people rarely do. I have always claimed to be better at articulating my thoughts verbally than crystallized them in a written blog form. I do not want to throw around that excuse any more. Overwhelming anecdotal evidence suggests that you are truly well versed on a topic only if you can write about it concisely and clearly. At this point, I do not think I can do either. This blog will be a forcing function to internalize my thoughts and present something concrete for the world to see. Publishing these posts introduces accountability to the commitment to writing, which has being a sparse and intermittent practice for me.

I think it is important to list my personal expectations from this blog, even though they are subject to change almost on a weekly basis. This is a mechanism for me to better present my ideas all the while being an endeavour to get better at writing. No ulterior motive. No reader counts, no web traffic maintenance, no fluff, no shameless plugging. No expectations of building a committed user base, no expectation to establish a rich online presence. Frankly I expect that no one ever reads these posts until I learn the ropes and incremental improvement makes for more furnished and well-rounded posts. Until then I plan to stay hard at it, writing at least a blog post per week. It is clear that success will not be measured in page views. This blog is a part of a grander scheme of things, of getting better as a writer and as a person.

What am I going to write about is a key question. I am inherently a super-inquisitive person (apologize for the superlative, but it is appropriate). I have realized that I run a persistent mental side-process. A mental dialogue of critiquing new ideas I learn, or breaking down the general workings of the world around me. I constantly gain new insights into new technologies, insights into navigating higher learning, but never really log or internalize them thoroughly. So expect my blog posts topics to run the gamut. No self promoting pieces, just real world talk of insights gained and shared.

A final quick note on the layout before I get cracking. It is not hard for me to design a responsive and interactive personal website which would serve as a self aggrandizing piece, an online resume if you will. But that colludes my primary objective with this personal website, getting better at writing. I want the focus to be on the content of my blog posts. I personally love the minimalist style of living and working. I promise to keep this blog clean, elegant and centred at the written pieces. I think the theme established does just that. Any suggestions are always appreciated in comment section below which will always follow my blog posts.

This blog has been a long time coming. Time to take a stab at it.

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Til next time,

me blog lab bookshelf cv