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Hi! I’m Tejbir Wason, call me Tj.

I am a software engineer and product designer. I love to read and write juicy code. But code is just a means to an end. I build stuff that helps solve real pain points. I love operating in a competetive startup environment. I founded MyJam, winner of Startup Weekend Ottawa. Currently brewing a couple more ideas. I claim to be a good golfer and biker.

I currently work at SAP helping build the next generation analytics platform. Previously, I worked as a software engineer at Amazon (Winter ‘15), Alcatel Lucent (Summer ‘14) and Broadcom (Summer’13, Fall’13).

This blog is populated with some of my fleeting thoughts. This might be a good place to start reading.

You can find me on a variety of world wild interweb sites. Tweet at @tejbirwason, see some of my projects on GitHub, my sandbox at Capacious Labs or visit my professional profile on LinkedIn. Have a look at my resume for technical buzzwords that might get you to hire me. I spend an unhealthy amount of time on HackerNews where I am known as twason.

Feel free to drop me a line. Or pair with me.

You have a nice day. ♥